Below are some common questions about the BMLT and BMLT Meeting List.

What is the BMLT

The BMLT is a complete Web-based NA Meeting List that will work with existing or new NA Web sites, and is already in use by dozens of NA Service bodies around the world.

It provides easy, customizable meeting searches for almost all types of NA Web sites, mobile devices, and even printed lists.

It allows easy synchronization of your meeting list with NA World Services (NAWS). However, even though developed in coordination with NAWS, the BMLT is an independent, standalone project; with no connection to any NA Service entity or philosophy.

It is very secure and extremely easy to install, use, and administer with the ability to assign sequestered, isolated logins to individual administrators.

You can manage thousands of meetings, with dozens of Service bodies, from one server; yet allow each Service body to have its own implementation and expression of the meeting data. Alternatively, you can use the BMLT to manage just a few meetings.

It is of incredibly high quality and under active development by highly-experienced professional-grade software engineers.

It is COMPLETELY free and open source.

All work on the BMLT is done by NA members, and adheres to the FIPT.

What is the BMLT Meetings List Plugin

The BMLT (Basic Meeting List Toolbox) Meeting List Generator is a complete web-based tool which provides the capability to create, edit and generate a current meeting list. This tool can be installed on your WordPress website or you can use it here on this website (pdfnameetings.org).

The Meeting List Generator works hand in hand with a BMLT server. Your Service Body must have a BMLT server to use this tool. BMLT is being used world-wide, managing over 14,000 meetings. If your Service Body is not using BMLT, visit the BMLT Website to find out how you can get it.


  • Provides a complete customized meeting list editor on the web
  • Generate and print a current meeting list from the web in PDF format
  • Eliminates the tedious task of maintaining a meeting list in MS Word, Excel, etc.
  • Eliminates the need to upload a new meeting list to the website every month
  • Makes the transition to a new trusted servant much easier
  • The generated meeting list will match your website meeting list
    Note: Your website must be running BMLT Satellite or BMLT Tabs plugin
  • The meeting list is setup one time and does not need to be edited when meetings change
  • The meeting list can be backed up or exported then imported into another site
  • Has its very own “current meeting list” link, which can be shared across the web
What is PDF NA Meeting List Creator?

The primary purpose of the PDF NA Meetings List Creator website is to provide a place for service bodies and members to host, maintain and generate meeting lists from any BMLT root server. This site also provides support to those using the meeting list generator plugin on other WordPress websites.

The engine that powers this website is the BMLT Meeting List Generator (WordPress) plugin. This plugin can be installed on any WordPress website. If your service body is using a WordPress website they can install the BMLT Meeting List Generator plugin and maintain a meeting list.

If your website is not running WordPress, this website is an ideal place to host and maintain a meeting list. This website can also be used to test or evaluate the plugin.

Each meeting list has its own shared current meeting list link which will generate the meeting list from anywhere on the web. This link can be put on any website whether it is running WordPress or not.

How Do I Access My Meeting List?
  1. Click on the Meeting Lists link
  2. Find Your Region/Area and click on it
  3. Click on the Edit Meeting List link.